Key Coffee DRIP ON Royal Taste 10s


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Key Coffee DRIP ON Royal Taste 10s


100% Aged-then-Medium Roasted Arabica Beans from Brazil and Colombia, for a deeper, naturally sweet flavor. Has deep caramel, nutty notes, with a hint of fresh herbs. Rich-bodied yet mellowed acidity, this is fine coffee fit for royalty.


Tasting Notes: Nutty, Cocoa, Fresh Herbs, Brown Sugar

Coffee Bean Origin: Brazil and Colombia


What is Royal Taste?

  • Coffee used for the ROYAL TASTE are AGED in cold storages
  • AGEING the coffee makes it lose its acidity and gain more body, bringing out a deeper, naturally sweeter flavor.



10 x 8g coffee DRIP ON Filter Bags

100% Medium Roasted Ground Arabica Coffee

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